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Anti-Corruption Toolkit
Summary: This handbook defines the ten types of corrupt acts in public procurement and explains the most common problems in public procurement. It outlines how to create an anti-corruption program with good governance as the foundation. (Available in Bahasa Indonesia only)

Author: LGSP
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National Strategy on Corruption Prevention and Eradication (Jan 2007)
Strategi Nasional Pencegahan dan Pemberantasan Korupsi

Summary: This handbook explains Indonesia’s strategy on corruption prevention and eradication of corruption in public procurement. It describes how to monitor the government and executive policy and how to use campaign strategies to mobilize public support. The handbook reviews coordination among networks and explains how to channel complaints. Legal issues are elaborated, including how to settle legal indictments, the role of the judiciary, and the policy framework. (Available in Bahasa Indonesia only)

Author: LGSP
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Integrity Pact Implementation Manual (Jan 2007)
Manual Penerapan Pakta Integritas

Summary: This guide explains integrity pacts, including their definition, purpose, and legal basis. It suggests specific content as well. The manual also clarifies who should monitor implementation, and describes mechanisms for witness protection, incentives and their application and sanctions. (Available in Bahasa Indonesia only)

Author: LGSP
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Citizen Report Card: A Handbook for Civic Monitoring of Public Services (Mar 2008)
Citizen Report Card: Panduan Monitoring Pelayanan Publik Daerah Berbasis Masyarakat

Summary: This practical guide is intended for civil society organizations and citizen groups. It describes the use of the citizen report card as a tool to promote public service improvements through customer satisfaction surveys. In addition to technical instructions on how to implement the report card system, the handbook introduces methods to formulate action plans for following up on the results of the monitoring process. The handbook also describes how to advocate for budget allocations that are more responsive to public needs and for quality improvement in specific public services. (Available in Bahasa Indonesia only)

Author: LGSP
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